Geoff Soma - Director

Geoff Soma – Director

Mark Powell – Operations Manager

Alistair Ross - Office Manager

Alistair Ross – Office Manager

Dr. Sue Adamson - General Practitioner

Dr Sue Richardson – General Practitioner

Angela Alexander – Sliding Doors Non residential Rehabilitation Coordinator

Rick Bayne – Media Consultant/Webmaster/Project Worker

Alana Beasley – Youth Outreach Worker (leave)

Jon Benson – Sliding Doors Non Residential Rehabilitation Group Facilitator

Renee Bermingham – Youth Outreach Worker

Michelle Cameron – Reception/administration

Hayley Elliot – AOD Clinician

Kevin Fitzgerald – AOD Assessor/Clinician

Dr Sylvie Gjerde – GP registrar

Dr Yunfei Han – General Medical Practitioner

Chris Kendall, Clinical Co-ordinator

Rob Kenna – Practice Nurse

Debbie Maguire – Finance Officer

Carol Main – Medical Administration

Dr Clare Mooney – General Medical Practitioner

Leanne Nicholson – Sliding Doors Non Residential Rehabilitation Group Facilitator

Karen O’Donnell – Receptionist/medical administration

Anna Pike – DARE clinician

Dr Bibha Pradhan – GP Registrar

Dr Devendhran Ramu – General Medical Practitioner

Margaret Skene – Project Worker

Felicity Sloane – Peer Overdose Worker and Consumer Advocate

Julie Wallis – AOD Clinician

Kayleigh Walmsley-Sims – Specialist AOD Family Violence Advisor and Brief Intervention Worker

June Williams – Family Reunification Peer Worker

Daryl Fitzgibbon – Operations Manager (transitioning to retirement)

Dawn Bermingham – Office Manager (transitioning to retirement)