A new art donation will help to create a welcoming environment for visitors to WRAD and the Handbury Medical Suites.

Portland artist Judy Antill’s Fire Rocks will take pride of place in the WRAD Centre’s waiting room.

The painting of rockpools at The Spill at Cape Grant Portland has a market value of $5-6000 and was chosen to bring brightness to the area.While much of Ms Antill’s art reflects narratives connected to her human rights works, Fire Rocks shows a bubble pool and a warm, inviting image.

“It’s a happy painting,” Ms Antill said. “I just wanted people to come into WRAD and sit down and see something that will cheer them up a bit. Many people using WRAD’s services have sad problems to deal with, so it’s nice if we can bring them some cheer.”The donated canvas painting and is going on display as Ms Antill launches a new exhibition in Warrnambool.

“Fire Rocks would have really added to the exhibition but it’s nice to make a donation and I thought a rockpool would be a great and colourful addition to WRAD,” she said.Ms Antill has also donated two drawings from the Villa San Michele series to WRAD which will be framed by Gary Francis for display in the upper hallway.

Ms Antill’s Ocean Road exhibition at 140 Liebig Street will feature paintings from Port Campbell to Portland, including a lot of Warrnambool work. “I’ve been working in the district for 40 years and this is a beautiful area to paint,” she said.

The exhibition closes next Tuesday, January 26.Ms Antill will be working in the space during the exhibition, including completing sketches done of London Bridge before its collapse in 1990.WRAD Director Geoff Soma said the new art would provide additional support for clients.

“We’re very grateful for this very generous donation which will be placed in the waiting room to cheer up the environment and provide a friendly welcome to everyone,” Mr Soma said.

WRAD continues to provide opportunities to local artists. It has hosted an annual school art competition and recent commissioned a new mural for its western wall.

Artist Judy Antill and her donated work, with framer Gary Francis.