The Sliding Doors group has produced a banner that has given participants a chance to express their artistic talents while supporting International Women’s Day.
The group was invited by South West Healthcare (SWHC) and Emma House to make a banner for the International Women’s Day event at SWHC.
WRAD had previously participated in the domestic violence exhibition on the civic green last year.
Over five weeks, the team did individual designs and collaborated on the overall look of the 3-metre long purple banner.
The banner is now on display at the South West Healthcare cinema but will later move to the foyer at WRAD.
Group facilitator Lee Nicholson said the participants enjoyed the artistic challenge. “It gave them a sense of community involvement,” Lee said. “We researched International Women’s Day, giving them a deeper level of understanding about the importance of this day.”
Up to 10 participants contributed their ideas and creative spark, with each member encouraged to create an individual design to incorporate into the banner.
The Sliding Doors Therapeutic Day Program started at WRAD in 2015 and continues to help people identify and change negative and unhelpful thought patterns and core beliefs.
Clients are welcomed to contact Sliding Doors directly via text message on 0434 307 283.