The WRAD centre hopes Mental Health Week from October 10-17 will help to end the stigma for both mental illness and substance use.

WRAD supports the recognition of Mental Health Month and more specifically Mental Health Week and recognises that the co-existence of substance use and mental illness are common and therefore not something to be ashamed of or avoid talking about.

At WRAD we want to see an end to stigma for both mental illness and substance use and to remove the barrier of stigma that so commonly prevents people from seeking help early. WRAD has invested heavily in developing its team of clinicians and doctors to become “dual-diagnosis capable” so you can expect to be welcomed regardless of whether you also have a mental health issue or not.
The aim of being a “dual-diagnosis capable” service is in line with government and consumer driven initiatives to promote a “welcoming” and “no-wrong-door” philosophy to people who present with concurrent mental health and substance related conditions.

As part of Mental health Week we want to remind the community that if you are using substances as a means of “self-medicating” or trying to help yourself feel better or attempt to cope/block out overwhelming feelings or thoughts or issues please consider giving us a call. It may just be the conversation you need to look at another way to deal with this situation.

At WRAD we don’t judge or worry about putting labels on people. We are focussed on you as an individual and/or family member and working to develop a plan that helps you get the most out of life. As a service we offer a team of highly skilled and professional clinical counsellors, six medical practitioners and a well-respected day rehabilitation program (Sliding Doors). WRAD also has a dual diagnosis program that specifically looks to offer treatment and support to people with concurrent mental health issues and substance use with additional support from a consultant psychiatrist.

Ring 1300 00 9723 to talk further or to make an appointment with a medical practitioner and contact ACSO on 1300 022 760 to do an intake for counselling support.
If you need after hours support, contact Directline 1800 808 236 for support with substance use.

For mental health issues contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

In an emergency call 000

For local mental health support contact Southwest Healthcare 55 631 666 and talk with your doctor.