006 Within a week of its launch, Handbury Medical Suites is expanding its medical services with the appointment of a new doctor.

Dr Dishari Sarkar has joined the team as the fourth medical doctor based at the centre at 172 Merri Street, Warrnambool.

This is the first time the bulk-billing clinic has had four GPs on site.

The former WRAD Centre was renamed last week in honour of major benefactor Dr Geoff Handbury AO PhD (h.c) and to reflect its growing range of medical services.

Dr Sarkar came to Australia from Bangladesh four and a half years ago and was initially based in Perth before moving to Melbourne last year to complete her Masters in public health. For the past 12 months she has been teaching other overseas doctors for their bridging courses.

After gaining her Australian citizenship, Dr Sarkar decided to look for work in a regional setting.

Her role at the Handbury Medical Suites is an ideal outcome.

“I love the coastal area and the lifestyle and how friendly people are,” she said.

The position also fits Dr Sarkar’s long-term specialist interests.

Dr Dishari Sarkar

Dr Dishari Sarkar

She enjoys working with children and young people but has a skill base that easily translates to a variety of clients and medical health needs.

“I have a special interest in psychiatry and want to do post-graduate study in that area at some stage later on in my career,” she said.

“There is an interesting mix here of general medicine and addiction medicine with help for people who are facing both addiction and mental health problems.”

The bulk-billing clinic’s other services include a mental health nurse and a psychologist.

WRAD Director Geoff Soma said the addition of Dr Sarkar would help the Handbury Medical Suites to provide affordable and accessible bulk billing services to the community. Appointments can be made by contacting reception on 1300009723