Dr Bibha Pradham is fulfilling her dream of becoming a GP. Her placement at WRAD is part of the GP Registrar program and follows her earlier stint at the Hopkins Medical Clinic and is a strategic step towards helping people with AOD issues.
“I wanted to work at WRAD to get more experience in helping people who have alcohol and drug issues,” she said. “If I like it, it’s an area I would consider specialising in in the future.”
Before moving to Warrnambool, Bibha worked in Launceston hospital and completed diplomas in child health and obstetrics and gynaecology.
Her desire to become a GP stems from her love of helping people and promoting preventative medicine.
“I like to help people in need and want to become a GP to spend more time seeing people and talking to them. As a GP specialist you get to know people and help with their care. I’m particularly interested in preventative health.”
A mother to a young daughter about to turn two, Bibha is kept busy juggling full-time work with being a Mum. Her husband also works as a doctor at South West Healthcare.
The family has enjoyed the move to Warrnambool, especially being on the beach, but looks forward to travelling again when restrictions are removed.
Bibha will be with WRAD for six months.