A new mural being created at WRAD symbolises how the centre is helping people with their journey towards recovery.

The mural on the west side of the Handbury Medical Suites is being drawn by Koroit artist Ricky Schembri and depicts a person and their dog being watched over by an eagle on the path to a lighthouse.

Although he usually works in pastels, Ricky said he was enjoying the challenge and developing the concept.

“It’s a different medium and I’ll have to work on getting the colour right, but it’s interesting to create a theme around support and recovery and heading towards the light,” he said.

WRAD operations manager Mark Powell said the mural was a message to the community about how WRAD can be part of a journey towards positive change through the provision of a comprehensive alcohol and drug service and integrated health clinic.

“The Lighthouse is a beacon to help people find their way to recovery and the person walking with the dog is about the friends walking beside you on a journey to a place of discovery and safety, with an eagle symbolising power and the spirit of freedom and courage that are essential skills to embark on the road to recovery,” Mark said.

Thanks to Coates hire for loaning a scissor lift.