A non-residential rehabilitation program being offered in Warrnambool this month will give people with alcohol and other drug problems a chance to change their lives.

The new module of the Western Region Alcohol and Drug (WRAD) Sliding Doors program will start on March 12, filling a void in the region for rehabilitation services.

Program coordinator Angela Alexander said Sliding Doors could make huge differences in the lives of people with alcohol and drug dependency issues.

The seven-week non-residential program aims to help people to change their thoughts and feelings and ultimately change their behaviours.

“It helps people to identify unhelpful thought patterns around addiction issues and to feel more positive and empowered, and that can lead to behaviour change,” Ms Alexander said.

The program is based on a recovery model of care and helps people to develop life skills and improve coping strategies.

“There have been terrific success stories from past programs,” Ms Alexander said. “People have gone on to study, find jobs, improve their relationships and friendships and there has been significant success in reducing criminal behaviour.”

Ms Alexander said having a local program helped people to address problems while continuing to live in their community.

The free program runs from 9.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday in a dedicated room at the WRAD centre and is open to anyone who wants to address an alcohol or other drug issue.

“It can benefit anyone who wants to change their drug and alcohol use and improve their lives,” Ms Alexander said.

People can contact the Sliding Doors program through WRAD on 1300 009723.

Ms Alexander said Sliding Doors used a similar model to residential rehabilitation and was based on researched and tested programs.