`Optimism a key to Recovery’ has been chosen as the 2016 theme for the WRAD Art in Schools competition.
Holding onto hope and believing that your tomorrows will be better than your yesterdays are key aspects of optimism. Optimism in combination with determination and resilience are fundamental weapons in combating addiction.
“I am worth more than this; I can overcome the obstacle of my addiction” are the self-statements many make at the beginning of their recovery journey.
From despair to contentment optimism provides the fuel to make this journey possible.
This theme provides artists with an opportunity to showcase the positives of life and the potential the future can hold despite the negatives that have influenced the past.
WRAD looks forward to receiving your entries and wishes you all the very best in this year’s competition.

Entries close MAY 19, 2016
Exhibition June 6, 2016 to July 3, 2016
Opening Night June 8.
All entries must be framed and ready to be hung when delivered to WRAD.
D hooks and wire must be properly positioned and sufficiently strong to hang on the artery hanging tracks.
This is the responsibility of the entrant.
Entries unable to be hung safely will not be hung.
Please call the Artery if you have any questions regarding the hanging of your work. 55 621 109.