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Pride in Your Health Conference to address challenges

A conference in Warrnambool on June 21 is designed to uplift, educate and advocate for a healthier future for LGBTIQA+ communities.

The Pride In Your Health: LGBTIQA+ Diversity and Inclusion Conference will be held at the Deakin Warrnambool Campus to celebrate diversity and address the unique health challenges faced by the rainbow communities.

It will feature a series of workshops, panel session and presenters to offer attendees guidance to improve their access to the health system.

WRAD Health, in partnership with local organisations, is delivering the conference to highlight issues of access to healthcare for members of the LGBTIQA+ communities, present current research around the physical, psychological and substance use issues that impact the LGBTIQA+ communities, to increase practitioner knowledge of and connect LGBTIQA+ inclusive groups/services in the area and encourage action to reduce barriers for LGBTIQA+ communities.

WRAD Health operations manager Mark Powell said both members and allies of the vibrant LGBTIQA+ communities were invited to join an empowering and inclusive event for health professionals from noon on June 21. People can book tickets for the Pride in Your Health conference at

The Pride in Your Health Conference Committee is committed to providing a safe and supportive space where individuals and agencies can gather to explore critical health topics affecting the LGBTIQA+ communities.

Mr Powell said it would feature an engaging line-up of local and renowned experts, healthcare professionals and community leaders to delve into the issues.

“Let’s work together to tackle the challenges on health issues for the LGBTIQA+ communities,” he said.

Sessions will cover lived and living experiences in navigating the health system, specific issues for the youth of south-west Victoria, mental health impacts, becoming Rainbow Tick accredited and facing the issues of discrimination in healthcare and much more.

“Through our workshops and panel session, we hope to create active participation and open dialogue, and we want engaging and thought-provoking discussion and interaction,” Mr Powell said. “The range of presenters will offer a wealth of information and offer attendees opportunities for questions and guidance to improve the health system. Hopefully they will walk away with increased knowledge but more importantly connections with like-minded people and services.

“We hope this will be a transformative event that will impact lives and drive positive change and that together we can pave the way to a healthier and more inclusive future for all.”

The event is being organised partnership with Leadership Great South Coast, Deakin University, Brophy Youth & Family Services, Wellways, Meli, South West Healthcare, Western Victoria Primary Health Network, South West TAFE, and Warrnambool, Moyne, Glenelg, Southern Grampians and Corangamite local government.


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WRAD HEALTH’s vision is to advance the health and wellbeing of those in the South Western Region of Victoria affected by Addictive behaviours and to promote optimal enjoyment of life.

WRAD HEALTH seeks to provide comprehensive, holistic support and treatment to individuals and others affected by addictive behaviors and associated issues.

The philosophy of harm minimisation underpins the delivery of all programs offered by WRAD HEALTH. This principle recognises that people in our society use both licit and illicit drugs, and that drugs can be used in ways that are more or less harmful to individuals, families and society. Harm minimisation offers a number of options designed to reduce the harm of drug use to the user and society.


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