This article in today’s Standard highlights the need for us as a community to continue bringing smoking rates into the spotlight.

WRAD, as a comprehensive health service, offers both the range of medical interventions and clinical counselling to help people make the lasting change towards a healthier lifestyle.

One of the misunderstandings people have about coming to a service like WRAD to talk about smoking is that they have to be “ready to quit”. Sometimes it’s more important to have a confidential conversation about your current situation and to see what options are available to help you with making the decision about whether change is desired and how you might go about making that change. We know from several studies that a lot of people who currently smoke don’t actually want to keep smoking forever, but are uncertain about making the change.

We all know of the harms that smoking cause and WRAD’s mission is to see a healthy community so we are here to help and would encourage you to call 1300 009723 to make an appointment to talk through the issues for you and get a health check-up.

It is not surprising with high rates of smoking that the next article also relates to the south west.

Coronary heart disease death higher in Warrnambool than the state average

Heart disease in the south west is 20% higher than the state average. The leading causes of heart disease include, not exclusively, smoking cigarettes, diet, genetics, alcohol use and high blood pressure. Whilst some of the risk factors include things like genetics, there are plenty of modifiable risk factors such as diet, exercise, alcohol use and tobacco use.

WRAD provides a comprehensive health service where those modifiable factors can be discussed and strategies put into place to reduce the risk or in some cases eliminate them. The WRAD Centre’s vision is to advance the health and wellbeing of everyone in the south-west of Victoria