A King’s College student’s art depicting the shift from negativity to positivity in dealing with alcohol and drug addiction has won top prize in this year’s WRAD Art in School competition.

Year 10 student Michaela Rhyne’s `Through the Eye of the Beholder’ was judged the winner of the $500 first prize.

Second prize was won by Brauer College student Kobi Bidmade for `The Devil Inside’ and third place went to Warrnambool College student Finn Stratford for `Stairway to Heaven’.

Encouragement awards were presented to Judah Greene, Ava Gleeson, Emma Vestey and Iesha Kenna from Kings college and Brauer College students Dylan Williams and Jessica Hughes.

A special encouragement award chosen by the art show committee and volunteers went to Raven Gillespie-Scarce from Timboon P12.

The people’s choice award and the WRAD staff awards were both won by Dylan Williams and Jessica Hughes.

Michaela said the black portion of the face in her art represents the negative perspective of the victim.

“They find it hard to see the brighter side which ends up making it harder to break away from this stage,” she said.

“As the black mask begins to crumble away, they begin to see more clearly, they see the support they have and the mask continues to fall away. The use of the black shade represents the negativity while the colour gold represents the positivity and protection.

“The three figures are symbolic of the community that helped through the recovery process.”

The eighth annual WRAD Art in Schools competition and exhibition is highlighting the role the community can play in helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

Nearly 50 students from five local schools submitted entries for the competition.

Art show organiser and WRAD Sliding Doors non-residential rehabilitation coordinator, Angela Alexander, said the competition aimed to encourage young people to talk about recovery and how to make it sustainable in the community.

Ms Alexander said there was an impressive range of art, and the students had shown great insight when thinking about the issues.

The Department of Health and Human Services supports the event.

PHOTOS: The winning art work by Michaela Rhyne
2. Jessica Hughes who won three awards with Dylan Williams.