WRAD staff have celebrated diversity by donning purple today to show their support for people who identify as LGBTIQ+.
WRAD Operations Manager Mark Powell said stigma and isolation are the enemy of good mental and physical health including substance use. “We know that people who identify as LGBTIQ+ experience teenage bullying and harassment and exclusion at significantly high rates and this sometimes lead to tragic outcomes,” he said.
“It’s little wonder that substance use can become a form of coping or way to be accepted into a group.”
Mr Powell said that services such as WRAD need to recognise this and work hard to engage minority groups into mainstream services by providing a respectful and welcoming service to all in our community.
“The AHIW report highlights the increased use of substances within the LGBTIQ+ community and therefore a need for services to engage and support people identifying as LGBTIQ+ is an essential goal within the framework of harm minimisation and treatment.
“We at WRAD want to be seen as a service to all members of our community and if we can do something to improve our accessibility and acceptability to the community then we would be remiss not to act.
“Wear it Purple symbolises our commitment to LGBTIQ+ but we won’t stop there. We are actively working to improve our engagement with other diverse and minority groups within the community and as such set up a cultural and diversity safety working group to identify gaps in our service and put plans in place to improve things.”
Wear it Purple strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. Wear it Purple Day was on August 28, 2020