tapestry cover

A new book highlights many programs and events introduced in the Warrnambool region to break down the isolation of people with alcohol and drug and mental health issues.


The WRAD Tapestry collects stories, poems and art related to substance abuse and highlights many innovative programs introduced over the past decade to better connect people with alcohol and drug problems with their community.


The book provides an insight into the lives of people with lived experience of mental health and drug and alcohol problems and what is being done in the community to ease their burden.


It includes contributions from people with substance use and addiction problems and staff who help them to recover and reassimilate into the community.


The 48-page book will be launched at noon on Tuesday June 30 at South West TAFE.


WRAD Operations Manager Daryl Fitzgibbon said the book was a record of creative programs developed over the past decade and he hoped it would be a catalyst for more ideas.


Mr Fitzgibbon said the book was a great outlet for contributors to express their feelings and to educate the broader community.  “Most of the programs WRAD and our collaborators have introduced have been inspired by the needs and stories of clients,” he said.


“WRAD and its partners have been innovative in practising and exploring integrated care and playing a role in the development and implementation of the recovery model of care.


“It’s also cathartic and inspiring  for people to express themselves through poetry, writing or art and to see that published.”



WRAD Improved Services Initiative Coordinator Angela Alexander said the innovative approaches developed by WRAD over the past decade allowed for holistic, collaborative service delivery.


“This aligns well with the recovery model of care as it improves opportunities for better outcomes while strengthening communities,” Ms Alexander said.


The book was compiled by Rick Bayne and designed by Fiona Fitzgerald.


It is available for free from WRAD at 172 Merri St.


For more information contact WRAD on 1300 009723 or visit www.wrad.org.au.