The decision by VCAT to amend staffing levels at The Lookout gives WRAD the green light to progress the project to the next stage.

However, the timing is uncertain and WRAD Director Geoff Soma said the COVID-19 pandemic was likely to affect how quickly the plans can be advanced.

“These plans will be reviewed on a regular basis and as soon as practical, WRAD will negotiate with the Department of Health and Human Services to source operational funding and The Lookout Committee will explore options to build the facility located at Atkinson’s Lane Dennington,” Mr Soma said.

WRAD remains dedicated to completing this important project to benefit clients, families and the community.

“We look forward to developing beneficial partnerships going forward,” Mr Soma said.

WRAD is also committed to providing regular updates to the community during the next stages in this important development for our community.

Over the past four years, WRAD has produced numerous documents outlining the need and the therapeutic community model of treatment design which will operate at The Lookout.
There have been a number of community forums, newspaper articles, development of The Lookout website and frequent Facebook updates.

“An enormous amount of information has been communicated through these channels as well as the comprehensive documentation presented by WRAD at two VCAT hearings,” Mr Soma said. These public documents are available on the VCAT website.

“WRAD will continue to openly communicate any progress with The Lookout project over the coming weeks and months,” he said.

“At the appropriate time, WRAD will also invite representation for a community consultation committee.

“WRAD takes this opportunity to thank all of those people who have assisted us to date,” Mr Soma added.