Counselling, Consultancy and Continuing Care

This key service is free and confidential for anyone with an alcohol and/or drug-related problem. WRAD endeavours to provide information, strategies and support to enable each drug-affected person to manage their life better and to attain their personal goals for positive change.

Youth Home-Based Withdrawal

The service targets young people aged between 12 and 21 who are experiencing problematic drug use and wish to address their drug problem outside a hospital setting. This may be the family home or any other stable place of residence. A comprehensive, tailored treatment plan is developed with the young person to assist and encourage him/her to achieve his/her goals.

Supported Accommodation

The outreach arm of WRAD addresses client’s needs in their most private environment: their home. The program offers supported accommodation post treatment to help people with alcohol or other drug problems that may be at risk of homelessness, to achieve lasting change and assist their reintegration into community living.

Assertive Youth Outreach

The Assertive Youth Outreach Project focuses on young people aged 12-25. WRAD will provide youth outreach clinics at Brauer and Warrnambool colleges. WRAD will continue to build capacity to increase the youth-friendliness of our services.