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Community Campaign LaunchedThe Lookout Residential Rehab Centre

We do need your support!

The Western Region Alcohol and other Drug Centre (WRAD) will better meet clients’ needs by establishing a local residential rehabilitation centre. This residential alcohol and other drug centre will be called ‘The lookout’ and will provide a range of services for clients and their families in Warrnambool and the Great South Coast. The problem is evident and quite simply something needs to happen in our community right now.

Specialist alcohol and other drug treatment is effective and brings substantial savings to society. While Warrnambool and the Great South Coast have a range of outpatient services, in addition to hospital-based detoxification, there is little or no access to the most intensive treatment type, namely residential rehabilitation. As noted by key stakeholders from the Great South Coast in recent consultations ‘residential rehabilitation doesn’t exist’, ‘it is the major gap in the system’.

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