Our Vision & Values

The WRAD Centre’s vision is to advance the health and wellbeing of those in the South Western Region of Victoria affected by addictive behaviours and to promote optimal enjoyment of life.

The WRAD Centre seeks to provide comprehensive, holistic support and treatment to individuals and others affected by addictive behaviors and associated issues.

The philosophy of harm minimisation underpins the delivery of all programs offered by WRAD. This principle recognises that people in our society use both licit and illicit drugs, and that drugs can be used in ways that are more or less harmful to individuals, families and society. Harm minimisation offers a number of options designed to reduce the harm of drug use to the user and society.


Our Executive Team




Operations Manager


Finance Manager


Senior Medical Officer


Clinical Staff Coordinator


Sliding Doors day program coordinator


Our Board

Helen Taylor

Chairperson, Assistant Principal Brauer College (retired)

Robert Coffey

Deputy Chairperson, Abalone Diver (retired)

Scott Dickie

Treasurer, Accountant/Partner, Sinclair Wilson

Glenys Philpot

Warrnambool City Councillor (retired)

Luke Taylor

Partner, Taits Legal

Shane Keogh

Senior Sergeant, Warrnambool Police

Carolyn Monaghan

Pharmacist (retired)

Tracey Kol

Sales Manager, Ace Radio

Your Privacy

The WRAD Centre is committed to providing excellence in service and care, which includes ensuring that information about you is managed in accordance with government legislation.

Your Responsibility

You are expected to participate in developing an individual treatment plan which meets your goals.

You also have the responsibility to behave in a socially acceptable manner.

WRAD does not accept violence or threatening behaviour and if you need to express a complaint we encourage you to use our complaint process so that it can be addressed in a formal way.

What information is collected?

The WRAD Centre is committed to providing excellence in service and care, which includes ensuring that information about you is managed in accordance with government legislation.

In the course of providing services, WRAD staff may collect personal and sensitive information about you, including your contact details and information about your health.

All staff at WRAD are committed to professionally ethical behaviour which respects confidentiality. Also, staff are trained to be aware of privacy principles and legislation.

WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites reconciliation statement

Our Understanding
WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites acknowledge and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia and the Traditional Custodians of this land.
We embrace reconciliation as a way to build strong relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and organisations so that together, we can continue to mutually support strong and sustainable organisations that can provide quality services to Aboriginal Communities. We recognise the crucial role that the Aboriginal Community Controlled Sector plays in upholding the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and in closing the unacceptable gap in life expectancy.
WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites acknowledge and share with you our feelings of shame and horror of actions and atrocities that were perpetuated against your People and the ongoing impact of intergenerational trauma experienced as a result of the act of genocide committed through colonisation, the Stolen Generations and the legacy of social, systemic and economic disadvantage, which continues to affect many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People today.
Our commitment
WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites are committed to conducting our business and providing programs, products and services that reflect mutual respect, goodwill, equity and social justice. We are committed to doing our part in hearing the voice and walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve:
“A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides Justice and Equity for all” (Vision of Council of Aboriginal Reconciliation 1997).
Our decisions and our actions when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and organisations will be guided by our Reconciliation Statement. Reconciliation in action for WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites will focus on working in partnership with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to implement culturally appropriate accreditation processes. Through our programs and services we will work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and organisations to strengthen the cultural safety and cultural diversity of our own organisation and the organisations who engage with us.

We will do this by:
• Acknowledging, respecting and promoting cultural safety and diversity in our operations;
• Consulting with the relevant organisations in the development and evaluation of programs;
• Working with Aboriginal organisations to support strong organisational systems that achieve and maintain accreditation;
• Supporting the inclusion of cultural safety, respect and competence in standards and accreditation systems;
• Working closely with Boards and staff from Aboriginal organisations to ensure the accreditation process recognises the role of culture and community control;
• Supporting the role of Aboriginal organisations, through quality improvement, capacity building and accreditation services;
• Increasing the engagement of Aboriginal organisations through consultation, feedback, decision making and quality improvement within WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites;
• Increasing training opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander assessors;
• Increasing the understanding of Aboriginal identity, culture and experience within QIP;
• Identifying key contacts within AGPAL and QIP for Aboriginal organisations to raise issues of concern and liaise on issues of importance to them;
• Actively working to identify and eliminate any racism in the workplace;
• Developing, implementing and reviewing a Reconciliation Action Plan based on this statement.

WRAD and Handbury Medical Suites hope that the spirit and practice of reconciliation will be nurtured and grow strong amongst all Australians.


Need After Hours Help?

Emergency call 000
For medical issues call South West Healthcare 55 631666
For mental health issues call SWH emergency dep't 55 631 666 or 1800 808 284
For drug and alcohol issues call Directline 1800 888 236
For Lifeline call 13 11 14
Or click on the links below for help.